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What Should They Do?

What should they do?

Ruben and Ari want an icecream.
What should they do?

before crossing the road.

Ari can hear
What can it be?

Ruben and Rocky are
clicked in their car seats.

Ruben and Ari can’t see what’s behind the fence.
What should they do?

when out and about.

What could that noise behind the trees be?

It’s Ruben and Ari
riding bikes with

Ruben and Ari want to go for a walk.
What should they do?

with brightly coloured
clothes and backpacks.

What should they do?

Choose the safest place to cross the road

It is safest to play in outdoor areas that are fenced and away from driveways and vehicles

It’s safest to use a booster seat until you’re at least 148cm tall

Wear your helmet every time you ride your bike or scooter

When wearing bright colours you are more noticeable to other road users.