Hey! You’ve found Ruben the Road Safety Bear’s fun interactive site. Ruben teaches foundation road safety skills to children. Helping children learn about keeping safe around roads and traffic gives Ruben a buzz.

Ruben the Road Safety Bear travels around the Waikato Region teaching children about road safety. Ruben and his team of presenters visit preschools, schools and events with a road safety aspect to share his road safety tips. Requests for bookings can be made “here”.

Stay and play a while with your child, paint Ruben bright colours then print or share the result on Facebook, read Ruben’s story books: Ruben’s Big Day Out and Ruben’s Rock. Check who scores the highest in Ruben’s road safety quiz or take a peak at Ruben’s newsletters for road safety tips and crafty ideas. Help your child join Ruben’s Roadstars Kids Club so they get their very own copy of the next newsletter delivered to their letterbox, and remember to visit the tab especially for grown-ups.

The tabs with (M) also have resources for Rūpene te Pea Haumaru Huarahi in te reo Maori.

There are lots of fun road safety activities to explore here on Ruben’s website and even more on Ruben’s Apps through the Google Play and App Store – just search for Ruben the Road Safety Bear.

Remember to …

Seat yourself right buckle in tight
It’s safest to use a booster seat until you’re at least 148 cm tall

Helmet on right and tight
Wear your helmet every time you ride your bike or scooter

Look out for sneaky driveways
It is safest to play in outdoor areas that are fenced and away from driveways and vehicles

Stop look and listen link
Choose the safest place to cross the road

Be Bright Dress Bright
When wearing bright colours you are more noticeable to other road users


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